Spring in Action



DESCRIPTION Spring in Action, Fourth Edition continues the practical, hands-on style of the previous bestselling editions. Author Craig Walls has a special knack for crisp and entertaining examples that zoom in on the features and techniques really needed. The Spring framework is required knowledge for Java developers, and this edition brings readers up to speed with Spring 3.1 and then highlights some of the new Spring 3.2 features such as asynchronous Spring MVC Controllers. It also covers testing support for Spring MVC controllers and RestTemplate-based clients which enables a richer form of testing for controllers and clients without having to fire up a server or hitting an actual REST API-in other words no-network involved. RETAIL SELLING POINTS Written by esteemed Spring expert Offers practical solutions to real-world problems Contains concise, easy to follow examples AUDIENCE Written for Java developers and software architects. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY Applications are composed of several components. If these components are tightly coupled (that is, if they have too much knowledge of each other), then the application can be difficult to maintain, enhance, and test. The Spring framework promotes a technique known as dependency injection,

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